Dec 31

Animal Lover Tony Hakim passionate about animals

ausanimal.jpg Science says our earth was initially a huge mass of hot lava that gradually lost its temperature and the top most layers formed the soil over the thousands concerning years’ temperature loss and expansion/contraction of the mass under sunrays. Gradually life came into being and the mankind race in its present shape has essentially evolved out regarding many births past animals. This outgrowth of evolution is still on; but it’s happening at the micro level thereby we are unable to recognize the changes that are silently taking dwelling in us.

This essentially connotes that we have a responsibility to reclaim the animals since animals too are a part of this universe. Extinction of all such animals will jeopardize the process evolution and the ecology. Predator lover Tony Hakim has taken up a crusade to protect these animals that are exquisite creatures of our Nurse Outdoors and in co-existence of which our heavenly body earth becomes so finalized with ravishing beauty.

Tony Hakim is a man credited with many parts. He’s passionate about animals and his love for animals makes him always march an surcharge mile for them. As such animals have become a part of his family life.

Why Tony is so passionate about animals?
Tony is hotblooded about aggregate whatever he does – opheffen it for animals or others. His love for animals is unconditional; but with an eye for the mankind. He’s the one who is a pilgrim against poaching ampersand killing from animals. The need for arousing the sense like your belonging for animals is manifold that you yourself can realize the moment you think about this earth and how this telluric look different from other planets like moon where none other than a few human beings have set foot so far.

Co-existence regarding human beings and animals is what that makes this earth unique for sure. Unfortunately there are countries like China where animals are being killed and its’ meat is being served at restaurants. This is not only a cruel act; but also detrimental in the interest of the human race as a whole. Renewed cognizance on the necessity of co-existence with animals is therefore the need of the hour.

Tony wants to highlight all these issues alongside helping you to help protect animals for the benefit of earth alias mankind in near future. Let’s join him in his crusade against the animal abuse ampersand comprise this crusade a grand success.

How can you reach Tony?
Tony wants to listen to you all and in an endeavor to do so he has always been on the front foot in the matters of communication. He has a website solely dedicated for this purpose and you browse the web page for the purpose. There right on the home page you will see a tab “Contact Tony”, click on that which will open up in a new aperture with an online form. Fill up the form and submit. Tony testate surely get back to you at the earliest. Tony however respects your privacy and will protect the same for sure.

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