Dec 3

Buy Quality TV Covers

With the proliferation of flat pick television sets in the last decade, it has never been easier to mount a TV outdoors. Bars, pubs, sports facilities and even regular family homes actually feature outdoor areas with televisions. This new trend does have its recognize unique drawbacks though.

The outdoors is generally not the most forgiving place for electronics. Moisture and turmoil are the enemy of electronics et sequens for any television that will have a permanent home outside, you need to consider options to protect it. Extraordinary outdoor facilities equipped with TV’s permit bulky cages built around their television sets, but these are unsightly and limit viewing angles. In response to the need for an unobtrusive and easy solution to this problem, Mosscovers have developed their innovative new outdoor television cover.

Below, you will learn exactly what a Mosscover is and why it is the best solution for protecting outdoor television sets.

What Is A Mosscover?

Mossscovers are a unique new offering created to protect any television that is used outdoors. It is a quality, waterproof cover, that can easily be fitted connective removed by just about anyone. These covers have been designed with functionality and longevity in mind. In all probability any Mosscover you buy will outlast your television!

Made In America

One of the key benefits of buying a Mosscover, is that they are completely created and made in the United Sates from America. We are proud to be an American company making quality goods that we ship to consumers worldwide. When buying a Mosscover, you can unbend assured that the workmanship and design is world class and that we stand by the quality of our products.

Factory Direct Pricing

Our business model here at Mosscover focusses on contribution you the exceedingly best products at very legitimate prices. Thus of this, we sell direct to you, rather than through retailers. With this business model, we are able to offer you factory direct prices, cutting out the middle man.

One code benefit of ordering direct from us, is that we have the ability to fill tailor-made orders. If you visit our website, you will notice that it is possible to order custom television covers. This is a level of service that you simply cant get from other companies these days and it is this attention to detail connective customer needs that we pride ourselves on here at Mosscover.

Quality Materials Including Workmanship

As mentioned above, our workmanship and materials are all of the top-drawer quality. The waterproof outer layer of our covers and the bland inner layer are both made from high quality information that will stand up to whatever mother quality can throw at them. Once you team this with unparalleled workmanship, you fool a hardy cover that will last you for a long past to come.

Quick Shipping

Because we are locally based moreover not lose shipping from China, we offer same day shipping on any items we have in stock. You cup have a TV cover in your hands sooner than ever due to our commitment to fast shipping and consumer service. Even if you decree a custom cover, you will have a very quick turnaround as our American based factory can start making your order immediately!

If you would like to order a Mosscover, or if you give any kind of inquiry, please don’t hesitate to contact us – we will be happy to help.

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