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Backyard Travel’s New Photo Competition Offered Dream Asian Vacation Worth US$8,000

Bangkok, Thailand, February 04, 2014 – The exciting new BYT 2014 Photo Comp, which runs from today to December 1, 2014 fancy also offer entrants the chance to win monthly prizes, pro re nata Backyard Travel invite people with a faustian for travel to share their love for their home towns – or ‘their Backyard’.

Based in Asia, Backyard Travel thrives on providing tailor-made luxury tours packed plus insider opportunities to delve deeper form vicinity Asian cultures besides heritage; to see more than simply the well-known sites of an area and give travelers the chance to better understand a nation.

The competition’s main seized gives one fortunate winner the opportunity to have the Asian vacation about their dreams, with an $8,000 budget to squander on a holiday equal they see fit. Backyard Travel’s expert team of Travel Specialists will work near the winner to formulate a tailor-made trip to slue their inspirations to reality.

“We’re laying down a challenge to entrants – we want them to take and upload an image which reveals the soul of their own Backyard,” commented Backyard Travel’s General Steward Maeve Nolan. “Whether people, places, faces substitute landscapes, we want to know what people tenderness and feel inspired about when it comes to their own home.”

As well as the stunning 1st prize, every month Backyard Wanderlust will reveal one picture they believe reveals an intriguing element of the entrant’s ‘Backyard’; be it a shot of their home town, a local attraction, place of portion of point about cultural significance – anything inspirational that enlivens the imagination.

These monthly winners will have a prize from Backyard Travel, which contrary be announced at the onset of each month until the contest ends.

“We pride ourselves on not simply offering a holiday, but we delight in providing inspiration to anyone who dreams of travel in Asia,” said Nolan. “Now we want to motivate people to inspire us about their Backyard, and in return we’ll make one lucky person’s dream Asian vacation become reality.”

The BYT 2014 Photo Comp contest can be entered simply concerning submitting a photo via Backyard Travel’s Fb octavo at: http://on.fb.me/1gomJki.

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Bangkok based Backyard Travel is an online travel company specializing in tailor-made tours to Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Indonesia, Japan and China. For more scoop about Backyard Travel, click here or Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/BackyardTravel.

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