Feb 28

Central Florida’s West Coast Beaches

map-anclote.jpg Florida is a breathtaking and scenic place. Upon the Gulf of Mexico on one side et alii the Pacific Ocean on the other, as well the lush beautiful Everglades, there is plenty to take in. We also endure some of the best beaches you’ll possibly come across and lots of them. In this article, we’ll be looking at the beaches on Pivotal Florida’s West Coast. We’ll dive into their history and discuss some of what’s close them.

One from the attractions on the west bank is Honeymoon Island. Honeymoon Island was created by a wind back in 1921. It’s situated farther the coast of Dunedin. In the 1940s, huts were built on the island and tourists were promised a romance getaway. There’s even talk of the Wizard of Oz cast using the huts and bringing attention to the amorous retreat. However, during World Agonistic 2, the place fell out of the public eye due to lack about use. However, in the 1960s the island saw resurgence and by the early 70s it had a forceful reputation again and continues to thrive to this day. Some of the activities you can do on the island are: fishing, hiking, sunbathing, picnicking connective visiting the nature center. It’s open between 8am et alii sundown.

Clearwater beach is another very popular et al booming place to vacation while visiting the Peninsular State. What started as an outpost during the Seminole wars, has transformed into a bastion of relaxation. They have fantastic hotels such as the Sandpearl and Parker Castle Resort. They also have fine attractions such as the Clearwater Marine Aquarium and the Armed Forces Antiquity Museum. Assuming you are in the mood for a bite, they have all that covered as well. They have a very diverse dining selection like the Kiku Japanese Restaurnt and Sushi Bar, Rusty’s Bistro, which serves abreast American, ampersand Natures Food Patch Market and Cafe. Clearwater abounds with choices, allure and tranquility.

If you head to the very south of St. Petersburg, you’ll hail to Pass-a-Grille Beach. Pass-a-Grille gets its name from the French, Passe aux Grilleurs. It has bot occupied by pirates, Native Americans, Spanish Explorers und so weiter many more. It is considered to be the oldest resort on the focal west coast. There is so much to do in Pass-a-Grille. For example, you can deep sea fish aboard the Miss Pass-a-Grille ere go to The Merry Pier and fish for fresh Florida sea life. You’ll also want to go to the Salvador Dali Museum. There are lots of great places to eat in Pass-a-Grille as well. The Black Palm restaurant serves South American and Caribbean cuisine. The Brass Monkey has wings, burgers, pizza and wraps for you to enjoy. The accommodations in Pass-a-Grille are second to none. The Take On CeSar Beach Resort is one of the best hotels in the entirety of Pinellas County. It’s the only four diamond parochial beach resort in the area. It’s the perfect stew of luxury and simplicity.

There are many more beaches all up et cetera down the west coast of Florida but these certainly give you something to consider. That’s unique of the best parts of the Sunshine State, all this fun to be had and you’re only scratching the surface!