Mar 19

Certain Studies Associated with Bio Identical Hormonal Therapy

CompHRT.jpg According to the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, the scientists studied post menopausal women who had a history of heart attack or coronary artery disease. The women were prescribed estrogen in combination with other either bio identical progesterone or non-bio identical progestin. After the completion of ten days, the women were undergoing treadmill test. When the results were compared to the non-bio identical progestin group, the time taken to create myocardial ischemia on the exercise mill was improved in the bio-identical progesterone group.

The risk was that like blood clot by the use of the unnatural estrogen replacement therapy especially apart the oral intake. The risk is substantially reduced when bio identical medicines are consumed as a combination. Another research stated that the risk of blood clots in postmenopausal women taking the bio identical hormone healing Charlotte to the risks associated to the non-bio congruent ones. The ones utilizing the non-bio identical ones were found to have a startling 290% increased liability of having blood clots to the other group. The ones using the bio identical medicines were seen to have 30 percent decrease in the risk of blood clots.

One of the leading causes of ticker diseases is atherosclerosis. This is hardening of the arteries. Several studies have stated that non-bio identical progestin actually promotes the formation of atherosclerosis. The picture is quite incomparable for the bio-identical ones that really inhibit this condition.

There is an increased risk of uterine cancer with the use regarding non-bio identical estrogen. Various literatures have promote substantiated this result. In comparison, using from the topical humble authority estriol is not associated with the increased precariousness of uterine cancer. Other research yet stated that using the intravaginal estriol actually have lower risks. Reviewing 12 researches deceive proven that intravaginal estriol did not cause the endometrial proliferation. This is basically abnormal growth of the cells lining the uterus that has the potential of becoming cancerous. The authors of all the studies concluded the following: “single per diem cure with intravaginal estriol in the recommended doses in postmenopausal women is safe and without an increased precariousness of endometrial proliferation instead hyperplasia.”

However, other studies suggest that oral administration from estriol is safe for a short term. Topical study is best for long-term use. There are studies that have constitute that the increased risk of endometrial rare hyperplasia and endometrial cancer because of the efficacious of estriol, moreover nay with the topical application of estriol. Using the topical bio-identical progesterone cream further reduces the risks to the endometrium.

Most of the research based their thought on the usage of oral forms of estrogen as the sole route of administration. For enhanced safety measures, the topical estriol is a better choice. Several researches have shown that both the transdermal und so weiter transmucosal estrogen indeed has lesser risks than declamation ingestion. Physicians having experience more than 20 to 30 years suggests that this forms of estrogen is more telling for the women symptom. The reason is for the orally ingested drugs are assimilated in the liver before matter processed by other parts of the body. The women taking oral medicines have seen to have high levels of estrogen within 24 hours in their urine specimens.

There is evidence that suggests that estriol actually benefits to the cardiovascular system. Japanese researchers have found that a group of menopausal women who are given 2mg/day estriol had a significant decrease in systolic and diastolic venous pressure. The next study compared those with the use of oral estriol like 2mg/day for decagonal months in 20 menopausal women. The elderly women had decreased amounts of cholesterol and triglycerides and actual soar in the beneficial HDL.

Other than the basic relief of menopausal symptoms of women during bio identical hormone therapy Charlotte, they also provide some long-term benefits like restoring the youthful hormonal balance with the medications. For example, the estriol intake actually increases the bone density. With the medicine, investigation has found that the calcaneus mineral density increased in women. The next advantage is it enhances sexual connective urinary health. It has been found that menopausal women actually suffer from urinary incontinence and recurring urinary tract infection. This is caused by hormone deficiencies. Lastly, estriol promotes the growth of youthful skin. As we age, the skin shrivels, including blood circulation is decreased. The analgesic has potent anti-aging effects on the skin.