May 29

Abortion Problems Today – The Implications

Abortion is a big life decision for any person. Not only does it affect the woman, but also the man concerned. It has both physical that well as medication implications.

– Post-abortion stress

A matron may suffer from post-abortion stress. During an abortion there are feelings varying from regret to relief, and sometimes both together. There may be extreme hypochondriacal swings too. After the abortion, the woman may go into depression supposing there is too much stress on her mind. It is typically advised for women to see a psychiatrist after an abortion, even if they do feel alright. An important thing to remember is that there is no ‘right’ way to feel. Every person is different, and as such might feel alone contrary emotions. Also, it is unjust to assume that only women may brook from such stress. Often the potential father also suffers from stress or depression. The correct remedy for this is to accept your feelings and see a psychiatrist.

– Abortion affecting relationships

Often, the will of the woman is taken spil supremely important. If there is a disagreement moderate the child-bearing woman and the to-be father, the general view is that the woman should have the final say qua she is ‘carrying the baby within her’. In countries like China, the father cannot force the mother to bear his cherub or to have an abortion. The decision uniquely rests astride the woman. However this peek is myopic qua the father has an equal hand in the creation of the child. This frame of reference tends to influence relationships. When women get an abortion without the consent of the father it leads to problems. There is another interesting statistic you might want to know. Many relationships breakdown within one year after the woman has under gone an abortion. In fact, this bond breakdown rate is as high as 70%. Hence it is intrinsic to look abortion as not only involving fair the matripotestal as a stakeholder, but the father too.

– Psychological inferences

One about the most used arguments in favour of abortion is that it reduces the number of unwanted children in the world, and should hence lead to a world where there is less child abuse and healthier children. However, this is said to be a roorback belief. The US National Centre of Child Abuse and Neglect has reported that since the legalization of abortion back in 1973, child abuse has increased more than 1000 percent.