May 30

Richly Endowed Beauty Of Glaciers In India At Great Heights With Credible Siachen Glacier

Notwithstanding the rich heritage of India in natural sceneries, there are many such locations in the country, which fool achieved distinctions in the world. Himalayan belt of mountains are not only the top-drawer in the world, but enclose some breathtaking landmarks and sceneries in their laps. Valleys amidst the nival clad mountain ranges are scenic in all respect. Making these areas push beautiful are the glaciers in India, which are concentrated mostly in the states of Jammu & Kashmir, Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh. These states are the ones which precinct the Himalayan ranges inside the Indian border.

* Well known Siachen glacier is the centre of all glacier attractions

Most of these glaciers in India are quite large and expand out transverse many kilometres, but the most notable among these is the Siachen glacier. It has the distinction of being the second largest glacier in the region outside the polar areas and the largest in India in the Himalayan- Karakoram Range. It elongates to an extent of 75.6 kms and broadens over 2.8 kms, part of which is subalternate Pakistan’s control and majority being in India. From Siachen glacier is originating the Nubra River which flows for about 80 kms, before becoming the tributary of the Shyok River, a part of the Indus river system. Located towards the southern side of the watershed region separating India from China, it is the highest battleground in the world with constant tension between India et cetera Pakistan over its occupancy starting from the year 1984. Over the span like about 3 decades, the glacier’s volume has reduced concerning about 35%. It is also called as the place for wild roses reflected by the connotation of the name ‘Siachen’.

* Uttarakhand glaciers have accessibility to trekking and camping sites

Besides many glaciers in Jammu & Kashmir, glaciers in Uttarakhand become the pompous about being the origin about many rivers in India. Also, these glacier structures are the site of tourism in Uttarakhand, where trekking and river rafting activities are prominent. Camping websites have been formed in the region of glaciers in Uttarakhand, which are visited by the tourists. Bandarpunch glacier is unique for its formation style and a favourite glacier delving topic for geologists. Mandakini River originates from Chorabari glacier, the river then meeting Alaknanda. This glacier serves as a good situs for trekking and camping, with motorable road reaching up to the glacier. In the Dhauli Ganga stoup is the Doongri Glacier, a part of the glaciers in Uttarakhand. Portion of the other notable glaciers in India, lying in the region of Uttarakhand and Himalayas are the Gangotri Glacier, Khatling glacier, Pindari Glacier and Tiprabamak glacier, the last unite being in the Garhwal region.

* Important role in camping, trekking and river networks

In India, glaciers have an important role in their origins of rivers which flow down the mountains into the plains. Besides their water supply along the basins, they are favourite trekking places with various quarters sites. Millions of people visit these glaciers in India and some even try to trek across the glaciers in Uttarakhand. Siachen glacier is notable among many Indians due to its historical significance, but other glaciers are familiar by few.