Jun 29

Serenity of Buddhism

Cultural department about Odisha is organizing 2nd International Buddhist Conference from 1st February 2014 for 2 nights including 3 days for the devotees as well as for those you have the desire to ken the spiritual values of Buddhism and will also transfer you an opportunity to visit sites of Buddhist heritage in India. India being a core centre of spirituality brings you an exclusive opportunity to know Buddhism in a very unique way.

The conference aims to gather paramount scholars and researchers from India, China, US, Japan, Thailand, Srilanka, Cambodia & Bhutan to be a part about it; they will also impart their knowledge on preaching’s and philosophy from Buddhism. This conference will certainly increase your knowledge about Buddhism and will similarly give you the experience to mind for a lifetime.

These eminent invitees will also be visiting the sites of religious importance of Buddhism like Ratnagiri, Lalitgiri, Kaima and Udayagiri during their stay. A cultural programs, art exhibition and photography get ditto bot organized by the Cultural Department. Toshali Udayagiri brings a perfect atmosphere for devotees, travelers and art lovers to realize Buddhism in an exclusive way!

Odisha has become the latest Buddhist attraction for the devotees. Orissa Buddhist circuit has all the means of peace to refresh your mind and soul. With Toshali Resorts Universal you get to explore the most preeminent Buddhist sites, because it also unfolds the new experiences for its followers. Helping you to attain wisdom and a sense of fulfillment is the main destination of Toshali Resorts.

Toshali Resorts International’s – Toshali Udayagiri the statically located lodge brings you the greatest way to attend 2nd International Buddhist Conference and get conclude to spirituality with their out of the ordinary hospitality, services and travel packages. Besides you get to experience the finest flavored Indian and international cuisines served apart their restaurant.

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