Jul 20

Are Herbal Medicines Effective In Relieving Arthritis Joint Pain And Inflammation?

Are herbal medicines effective in relieving arthritis joint pain and inflammation? There is no doubt about it. What modern medical science is discovering today has been known to ancient ayurveda sages since millennia. Herbs such now rasna, swarna bhasma, moti pishti, nag bhasma, kesar, kuchla, amla, lohban, ginger, rigni, suranjan, chopchini, kalonji, kali mirch and pipal have been used to remedy inflamed arthritic joints and bring relief without either side effects. Ayurveda combines herbs either to nullify bad effects of one or to increase its action. These herbs are now combined in a powerful combination sold as Rumatone Gold capsules and Rumatone Gold oil.

Herbs have their own individual effect and also strain sympathetically with other herbs used in the formulation. Here is how this herb for arthritis work:

1. Rasna improves vata and kapha doshas and has been worn since ages to treat arthritis, swelling, cough, bronchitis, obesity and fevers.

2. Saffron is helpful in treating hardened arteries, asthma, gas, insomnia, terminal and other ailments. It is a tonic including rejuvenating agent helping improve conditions of patients sick with arthritis.

3. Shudh Kuchla is an age old remedy for arthritis besides being utile for intestinal problems, blood circulation, respiratory diseases and vomiting. Along pacifying kapha it helps escort relief in arthritis.

4. Sonth or dried ginger is anti-inflammatory, digestive and an analgesic, reducing inflammation of joints and bringing relief in arthritic conditions.

5. Suranjan is anti-rheumatic, astringent and analgesic, reducing pain and swelling of joints in arthritic conditions.

6. Swarna bhasma is prepared from gold and has wide ranging good chattels including boosting immunity, strengthening muscles, as a nerve tonic and to prevent symptoms of ageing.

7. Moti Pishti is made from pearls and rose water, useful to decrease pitta, to strengthen muscles, improve metabolism and revitalize the body with sufficient amount of calcium.

8. Nag Bhasma is based on lead and is ideal to treat rheumatoid arthritis, diarrhea, diabetes and obesity. It balances vata, kapha and pitta, yet improving overall metabolic activities.

9. Chopchini is besides known as china burrow and calms down vata dosha. It improves digestion and removes toxins thus helping improve health of those affected near arthritis.

10. Kalonji is well known for the benefits it gives in cases of inflamed joints moreover pain caused due to arthritis. Kalonji improves the immune whole and helps reduce arthritis completed time.

11. Pipal is derived from the Pipal tree, worshipped by hindus. It reduces the effect of pitta and kapha and is secondhand to medicate diarrhea, neuralgia, pain and inflammations, making it ideal for consuetude in arthritis.

Arthritis is a musculoskeletal disease comprised of different conditions and it can bluff anyone, regardless of superannuated or sex. It is usually manifested in the form of osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis or juvenile arthritis. Osteoarthritis is a progressive degeneration of cartilages resulting in inflammation and pain. Patients affected by rheumatoid arthritis show inflamed membranes of joints, stiffness and damage. Juvenile arthritis is the result of immune disorders manifesting itself in children below 16 years of age. Herbal medicines are effective in relieving arthritis joint pain and inflammation with lasting effects. You only need to be regular in taking your daily dose for results to show in about four months. For ultimate benefits consume two capsules a day et sequens use the herbal oil for massaging inflamed joints.