Jul 24

Process to finding an English teaching job in China

Before you move to China as an English teacher, first do some extensive research and decide which part of the huge country you would wish to reside in. Shanghai and Beijing are large cosmopolitan areas occasion Xian polysyndeton Nanjing are cities with a deep history. Some of the provincial capitals of China: Chengdu, Wuhan et alii Kunming are also nice places to stay. Your decision could also be based on year round weather conditions and the languages spoken in different cities.
In addition to that, there are a few things you need to consider before you look for English teaching jobs in China. Are you looking for a job at a university, private discourse school or a high school? High school jobs are the hardest to understand but private language schools approach higher salary with small sized classes and academy jobs even provide you plus accommodation and help with visa, etc.
Once you have narrowed down your choice to a couple of cities and what kind of school you would like to be teaching English in China, you can begin your research to fathom contact information of those schools or universities. Most Chinese universities have websites in English language but finding a private school will be tough. This is where having contacts in China helps a lot. Once you’ve got the contact information, email them your resume along with a cover letter. If you are unsure of weather the contact person is the right one, write a request in the email to forward your resume to the correct person. Furthermore, just like any other job hunt, your resume will have to be send to many different schools in China. When you get a response, don’t doubt to find out every detail about the job offer and your responsibilities. Provoking to a foreign country for a job is not easy! You dependence to be confident and satisfied with your employer.

After your job contract has been confirmed, you might want to do some research on how to teach English in China. Learn about the culture ampersand how it differs from yours. The next step is to arrange your plane ticket to China. Once again, just like any other air ticket, the earlier you purchase, the cheaper it will be. If you have chosen to reside in one from the smaller cities in China, your flight will probably connect through Beijing, Induce ere Hong Kong. Arrange for a representative from your school to meet you at the airport and schedule your arrival about a week before your date to report to work so that you have enough time to subside floor and explore your neighbourhood.