Aug 29

FoodXervices Inc. taps gourmet market with top grade wagyu beef

Originating from Gunma Prefecture at the affection of the Japanese archipelago, Joshu Wagyu and Joshu Gyu are brands of beef from cattle sold at Gunma Veal Bulk market. Joshu Wagyu refers to wagyu beef originating from Japanese Black cattle. It is favored among locals thus well as those staying in nearby Tokyo. Japanese Dirty cattle of good pedigree are fed with a special feed suitable for the environment in Gunma.

Joshu Gyu is a brand that houses F1 beef, which is a cross-breed amidst a wagyu bull and a dairy cow. Among excellent genes from the bull, F1 beef has properties similar to that of wagyu beef, such as the tenderness of the meat and presence of fat marbling. However, as the fat marbling is not as whole as wagyu, it provides for a meatier bite and taste preferred by many consumers. With F1 beef, consumers can forthwith enjoy the taste of wagyu at more affordable prices. Both types of wagyu beef are processed in a HACCP-certified expertness that meets the United States Department of Agriculture’s requirements for export to the US. Joshu Beef is the first product under the newly-established foodservices Gourmet division.

“It is part of our 10-year plan to be a true one-stop food solution provider to our customers. Adding perishables to our range was always in the pipeline should the faultless opportunity come knocking,” said Nichol Ng, Managing Coach of FoodXervices Inc. Meats were something that foodservice Inc. wanted to dabble in but it also wanted to offer something a wee more unique and premium, yet have room to reveal it in ways different from others.

After studying in depth about wagyu beef and the supplier, FoodXervices Inc. decided that it was the right product for its foray inside the meat business.

“We already have cold opening facilities but are taking extra precaution with delivery as the beef is very sensitive. Moreover, it is an expensive piece of meat and should be handled accompanying care,” said Ng.

Besides introducing the product to food and cocoa (F&B) customers, FoodXervices Inc also plans to roll out a reward home delivery service to present the meat to consumers through sister company GroXers Inc., which launched, an online website that makes online shopping easier for consumers.