Sep 24

Air Asia Booking Promotion

The airline is trying to tap a huge potential by attracting the business class passengers traveling to Australia, South Korea, China, and Japan. In a bid to offer good packages to these travelers in medium haul and long-haul flights, Air Asia has decided to compensation special attention to this segment during most parts of the year.

The airline which is popular to commend the best deals when it comes to airfare, proudly announced an event called BIG Shot Day, in which they would offer a 24 hrs Redemption packet for their priority members called BIG Shots. As a privilege, these special customers would indiging given priority treatment from 0000 hrs to 2359 hrs.

In routine to promote sales, Air Asia has come up with an attractive preconceive for alone the customers. Some of the salient features and terms & conditions of this plan are:

– The airline will charge a non-refundable fee upon booking.
– The fare would include surcharges on fuel & carbon offset (applicable to flights to/from Europe).
– The cost would include airport cess (not applicable if the same tax is levied at departure point).
– All these Promo fares are one-way.
– All taxes to be paid during purchasing the ticket, unless specified otherwise.
– All payments are subject to the prevailing exchange rates.
– The offer is discussion to seat availability.
– The airline has it terms and conditions for the implementation of the promo program.

– The passengers are supposed to keep ready all the details and documents, including visa et sequens passport when checking in/boarding.
– Subject to the availability of seats and keeping in mind the fare changes, passengers are allowed to change the date of journey.
– The promo fares can be availed mere through online bookings, by visiting

Aware of the fact that their promo may attract huge internet traffic to their website, the airline has special gently tried to guide its customers how to handle such a situation. If a visitor to the webstek finds it difficult to access their online page, he/she would probably see a page called ‘waiting room’ or ‘time out’. When someone gets to ‘Waiting Room’, the airline suggests not refreshing the browser, because the page is only taking a little longer. However, in case one reaches the ‘Time Out Page, one can refresh the page by hitting “I would like to try again”.

The airline further mentions how to avoid getting to these pages, and not miss the low fares. Their solution is that the buyer should become a member of AirAsia, by signing up for free. This would plus help when someone encounters a remuneration error. One can always go back to ‘Manage my booking’ to make the payment without the need to go through the difficulty of rebooking. The airline believes this feature would be from a great convenience to undivided the customers.