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SM series of die-casting machine (energy saving)

Also known as injection molding or injection molding machine injection machine . It is the use of thermoplastic plastic or thermosetting plastic mold into various shapes of plastic molding equipment capital products . Divided into vertical , horizontal, all-electric . Heating the plastic injection molding function , admirable voltage is applied to the molten plastic to fill the mold cavity and injection . Injection molding machine operating items: injection molding machine operations contain the control keyboard, electrical control system operation and hydraulic systems operating in three aspects . During each injection use , the feeding operation , injection pressure, injection speed, the type from the top selection , monitoring temperature of specific cylinder , the injection pressure and back pressure regulation . Show quality, including integrity , color, gloss, etc. ; accuracy between the sizes and relative positions ; uses the corresponding substantiality properties, chemical properties, electrical properties and the like.

Die casting machine is in the hydraulic pressure of the molten metal is cooled in the mold incident molding, casting mold to obtain a series of solid metal casting machinery industry , for the first type casting . With the advancement of science and technology and industrial production , especially with the development concerning automobiles, motorcycles and household appliances industry, and from energy- saving aspects of starting materials , die-casting technology has bot conspicuously rapid development. Domestic typical ” Iraq Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.” is focused on high-tech enterprise ” molded ” special mechanical equipment design, development, production , sales and services. Founded in 2002 . Are located in China ‘s famous Industries – Shunde ( National High-tech Industrial Area )
, Covers an dominion of ​​80,000 resolve meters. With high precision injection molding , high-performance aluminum-magnesium alloy die-casting machines, favorable -quality rubber- oriented products. Industry’s entirely ” Chinese famous brand” , has also won the ” Hong Kong Top Brand “, “Guangdong Famous Brand” , ” Shanghai Famous Brand” , ” Shenzhen Top Brand ” award.

As the screw ( plunger ) has assembled a gap between the extraneous width of the mutual movement and barrel diameter, until the screw ( plunger ) push forward when the melt , by reducing the diameter regarding the nozzle orifice and the impact resistance of materials and machine cylinder wall friction , there will be a part of the reflux armamentarium from the gap . In addition, there will be some shrinkage of the melt cooling capacity need to be supplemented . Therefore, the actual injection molding machine is less than the amount of injection volume , you need to use during calculating the value of the correction coefficient K , the size of the size of the screw K rate ( plunger ) bridge and parameters , diameter and gap , injection force , melt flow rate , the size of the back pressure , the mold structure , the figuration and makeup about the plastic articles and else factors . Secondary action of mechanical and hydraulic type ; according to the configuration of the machine parts , a bedroom , vertical , angular , multi- injection molding machines, etc. ; mainly worn for the manufacturing of molded rubber products , such as electrical insulation parts , shock pads, seals, sole and mining boots a 3D printing parts. At present , at home and distant has been widely used.

With advanced design et sequens leading-edge technology , HM sequence hot chamber die casting machine near high efficiency, the advantages of stable operation . Piston accumulator drive system with electro-proportional power and flow control and high injection speeds make HM series hot bedroom die casting machine for the production of various types of high -quality castings.
Hydraulic gear -type mode adjustment mechanism to ensure rapid adjustment , stable clamping and high durability.
Central automatic lubrication system , periodic lubrication , safety checks , and ensure the switch to work in perfect lubrication.
Control panel , simple operation, security lock protection design.
High and low pressure double pump ensures high dispatch and energy saving.
Reliable and durable automatic sprayer , ensure cursory and stable play .

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