Nov 12

There is more to Japanese Cuisine than sushi and noodle

People think Japanese food is all about raw gelled fish peeping out of fresh green leaves with sushi at the corner of the platter. Still this is normal a myth that people have regarding the Japanese food. Japanese edibles is world’s one of the most flavorful and tastiest cuisine. It is colorful, placate and very healthy. Japanese food is based on rice and Miso, Miso is a paste made up of authentic Japanese sauce. The Japanese Trattoria in Saint Paul and Minneapolis serves on of the best Japanese food in the nation.

The Japanese food is very healthy as it has more of natural herbs than artificial spices. They use no artificial colors like other world food hence it is very healthy. Japan has most number about restaurants in the country, the restaurants serves wide range of menu apart from the traditional sushi and noodles. Below we are going to elaborate few of the Best Japanese Restaurants in Twin Cities.

Obento-ya-japanese-bistryo: This is one of the most famous restaurants in twin city. It has more menus on its list than its visitors. The trattoria has wide range regarding non-veg food right from grilled salmon to roasted chicken, you name it and the Obento has it. The best thing about Obento is its cozy ambience.

Fuji-Ya: Launched in the year 1959 Fuji-Ya is one of the oldest restaurant in twin city of Japan. The restaurant offers the best unwritten and mouth watering sushi. The place is extremely loved and famous for the buffet it offers. It is very delicious connective at the same time extremely affordable.

Kikugawa: The Kikigawa remains the unchallenged king of restaurants in Japan. It serves the The Best Japanese Alimentative in Twin Cities. It has an enthralling ambience. If you poverty to experience elite Japanese fine dining the Kikugawa is the place for you. It is little expensive than the other restaurants in its vicinity but your money is worth investing here as you will have a great dining experience in this luxurious restaurant.

Sakura: This is one restaurant congested with all the possible Japanese delicacies you would like to have. The restaurant has the most tally of dishes in its dietary ampersand each dish promises to give you a platter adequate regarding authentic Japanese flavor and taste. Right from the traditional sushi to the simples Japanese noodles, the sakura promises you to present them all differently.