Jan 30

Find a Manufacturer to Make Your Product

Three years ago, I discovered a gap in the educational toy market. I made the leap and decided to execute my idea. The first thing I needed was a prototype. The only way to get a prototype for your goods is to find a manufacturer. Here are some easy tips to securing a good manufacturer:
1. Google – In my opinion, this is the easiest and best way to get access to a variety of manufacturers from all over the world. I erect my China manufacturer on Google. I simply typed in ‘China printer’ and tons of websites pop up. Troll through the tips and provincialism down your choices close choosing some that match your needs.
2. way2trading- An excellent resourcefulness for all kinds of products made in india. I used way2trading to show my manufacturers samples of what I had in mind. It is great because the companies on way2trading provide rough price guidelines and minimum orders.
3. Talk to other entrepreneurs – This is therefore important. I have suggested my overseas printer to well many other entrepreneurs. It is so helpful to get a recommendation.
4. Obtention 3 quotes – Never go with your first quote from one manufacturer. You should always get at slightest ternion quotes, so you need to find three manufacturers that could produce your product. Do not always take the cheapest quote. Do your research, get samples of their work before you make a decision.

5. CPSA standards – Make sure the manufacturer understands the strict Consumer Product Safety Act (CPSA). This is crucial if you are going to produce a product for children under 12. There are very strict guidelines for lead & phthalate levels in children’s toys. The manufacturer must be able to prove, with lab reports, they can match the CPSA requirements.
6. Check references – Always pose a manufacturer for references and always call them all. You will need to ask specific questions and go on a fact-finding mission. You need to determine the manufacturer is the right one for your job.
7. Rouse with a small run – You will want to do a test run of 500 -1000. Promise your manufacturer you will work hard to get your volumes up hugely quickly!
Christy Cook, submerge from Teach My, makers regarding award-winning learning kits for babies and toddlers. Teach My Toddler is an all-in-one discipline kit with 17 teaching tools to champion toddlers master the basics in just 20 notes a day. Teach My Baby is an all-in-one learning kit that teaches First Words, Sounds & Touch, Self and First Numbers.