Jan 25

Forex Exclusive News

UK gross domestic product (GDP) in volume terms was estimated to have increased by 0.8% between Q2 2013 and Q3 2013, unrevised from the Second Estimate of GDP published 27 November 2013. GDP in volume terms increased by 1.9% when comparing Q3 2013 plus Q3 2012, revised up 0.4 allotment points from the previously estimated 1.5% increase.
China’s benchmark money-market rate tumbled the most since February 2011 after the central bank injected funds via open-market operations for the first time in three weeks, adjuvant alleviate a cash crunch………
This program contains the first estimates for November 2013. Estimates are updated throughout the year as finalised data are received from public area bodies.For the fiscal year to rendezvous 2013/14, public sector net borrowing excluding temporary effects about fiscal interventions and also excluding the effects about the transfer about the Royal Mail Pension Plan and the transfers from the Bank of England Credit Purchase Facility Fund was £84.0 billion. This was £2.0 billion lower than the parity period in 2012/13, when it was £85.9 billion.
The United Kingdom’s (UK) current account inadequacy was £20.7 billion in Quarter 3 2013, up from a revised deficit regarding £6.2 billion in Quarter 2 2013. The deficit in Quarter 3 2013 equated to 5.1% of GDP at current market prices, up from 1.5% in Quarter 2 2013. The trade deficit widened to £10.0 billion in Quarter 3 2013, from £5.0 billion in Quarter 2 2013.

Flash Manufacturing PMI is a monthly controlling economic indicator of economic health as the manufacturing sector is the most important contributor to the GDP. The release is favorable for currency if actual figure is better than expectation or we can broadly say that any figure above 50 is an proof of satisfactory performance concerning manufacturing sector. The uptrend in the Flash Manufacturing PMI indicates expansion and vice versa. Gleam manufacturing PMI never came below 50 since January 2013 although it as in down direction from then. Index jumped sharply last month and reach figure just below the top-drawer of January 2013. The comparative chart of Flash Manufacturing PMI and ISM PMI depicts same trend in both indexes and both are now in uptrend. It is expected that Flash Manufacturing PMI will nvloeden better this month as well because the production of capital goods such as plant & Machinery are at their top levels since financial crises and this is very healthy and hortative sign for the economy.