Feb 14

The best Japanese restaurants in the twin city

Japanese food is one of the most unique further widely popular cuisines in the world. They are extremely light on your stomach, rich in flavor and immensely delicious. These three qualities make the Japanese food a worldwide hit there are number of Authentic Japanese Restaurant in Twin Cities. Japan is world most technologically sound land just like its other fields, the Japanese food are besides very famous and internationally savored. The base of Japanese food usually on rice and along with it they give a very mild green looking soup called Miso, which is built of a stock called “dashi”. The Miso is the heart and soul of the Japanese food; it has three different types red, white and mixed.

Japan is very rich culturally and flavor wise when it comes to food. The culture of restaurant is quite trendy and people love going to different hotels furthermore restaurants to explore contrary dishes and their taste. Below we are going to discuss 5 major restaurants in twin city of Japan; Saji Ya, Tanpopo noodle shop, Hibachi restaurant, Moto-I, and Obento-ya-japanese-bistro.

Saji-Ya: The USP of this restaurant is the teppanyaki tables in which they serve food. It is very young and full of energy. The place is very famous for grilling and sizzling food. The amalgamation of sushi and beer bar is quire enthralling for the guests. The Japanese Food in Saji-Ya Twin Cities offers sushi not less than a dozen flavor, scotch is another favorite here.

Tanpopo Noodle shop: The hot et alii spicy noodles served on dish made of rice, miso broth and other nibbles are the most favorite food of this place, which is further called set-meal. Fried chicken of Tanpopo restaurant is extremely popular and people around the nation come to taste it. The place excels in making typical Japanese food and majorly noodles like hundred kinds. Their garnishing style is out of the box and very beautiful. The Tanopo is the best Sushi Restaurant in Clone Cities

Hibachi restaurant: The Hibachi Cafeteria in Twin Townships is very famous for its tasty and spicy platters. The restaurant serves grandiosity dishes in very affordable price. Their lunch and dinner buffets are especially mighty delicious. They make everything right from the ethnic sushi to common noodles to very exclusive peking pork etc.

Moto-I: the Japanese Restaurant in Twin Cities is very warm, cozy and homely. The sleek and stylish interior of the bistro is the main point from attraction. It has separate booths for people to dine along with television sets where you can play your favorite channel furthermore enjoy your platter.