May 23

Secrets of Meditation Revealed

Relaxation – the number 1 secret to meditation. However, there are some problems that forge some failed to obtain relaxation. NO matter how good meditation is, this will not be effective if you don’t learn how to relax.
For some reasons, especially the beginners, are having hard time to relax due to many factors. This is one of the major objectives regarding meditative programs et al trainings.
Most meditations require postures that are uncomfortable, and a lot of times, very uncomfortable. Here are some of the common postures often used during meditation.
You may have heard a lot about mysticism techniques such as the various postures that are used stretch doing the meditation process.
However, many of us do nay understand that there must be a congeniality of posture to be applied to a specific meditation purpose.

Here are some:

a.) Lotus Position. This is the most common bearing that you’ll see in mediation videos and presentation. Yet, when this position is refusal implemented properly, this can make the person uncomfortable and fail to concentrate. If you feel that you are doing well with the lotus position, well, this is the best meditation carriage for you.

b.) Seiza Position. This is the Japanese posture that cuts off blood to legs, thus decreasing relaxation profoundly. Now, there are reasons why you would brood identical this, and it does allow you to concentrate and focused in pain of your legs in preferably than something else. There are benefits to this nature of posture in particulars of actual relaxation; however, if you necessity to do very extreme meditative practices, this will neither give you there. I have never…, in all my years, met anyone that practiced this position has been able to do ultraism abilities, and that is mostly based on my experience, and people I’ve spoken to, worked with, counseled, and thousands of people all over the world to detain that one.

c.) Standing Position. This is very beneficial for energy elaboration I call Yang Energy, but is neither as effective as for relaxation, Yin Energy. So, again, it has its proper bit in terms from meditation but it’s of more energy development than for relaxation.
Now, let’s face at the ones that occupational effectively to relax the body.

1. Sitting Position in Chair. This is the most versatile of universality of the postures as it can be performed anywhere. It is one that you really should become comfortable with because it allows you to travel in meditative tier at any time, while you’re sitting on desk, or when you’re taking your five-minute break, and so on and so forth.

2. Lying Position. This is the most effective position for esoteric skill development such while out of the body experiences, remote viewing and Lucid Dreaming. This is numeral I recommend most whereas you want to do violent abilities. And in my experience again, it’s the one that is going to be responsible for you being able to do those types of skills almost 95% of the during or more. Now again, unexpurgated the other postures that mentioned, there are individuals that can get them to work for extreme meditative abilities. However, like I’ve said, it’s probably less than 5% of people meditating who can actually uprise effective au fait enhancement, how those postures, the lying down posture or the sitting demeanor or the ones that’s best effective for you.

In Mind Portal System, you’ll learn the most effective strategies to access the hidden and esoteric skills that I teach. Now, let me give the methods on how to relax. Since like I’ve said, the number 1 secret to meditation is the relaxation.
Here are some tools to relax the object more effectively. You will Learn all these methods in the Mind Portal System as well as many others.

1. Music. You vessel use classical, natural sounds, or symphonic music. Now again if I talk about each chosen of these tools, I privation you to understand that there are some concerning those that will mission for you and some of those aren’t. The way I educate is I teach it based on the person that I’m working with. And so I need enough message that there’s something you love, the one that you can actually applicability to get the most of effective meditation for yourself personal. It doesn’t matter what I jug do, it doesn’t matter what somebody else can do, what I want is I have to customize this so you can choose what works for you. I still use music, most of the times, when I meditate and it cup be extremely effective.

2. Thought Restraining / Stillness Training. This is where you use particular strategies in order to bind your thoughts. While you’re thinking, you vessel be totally relaxed because the mind is in the state of agitation. Both these thought binding and stillness training will help obtention you to a maximum relaxation.

3. Guided meditation. One of the most important factors of guided meditation is that it allows you to keep your mind occupied on instructions as you’re getting relaxed against a deeper state. This is one of my favorite and I’ve been doing for several years. Now some people find guided meditation with distraction, it really depends on your personality, and you’ll be good to understand which the right method is for you.

1. Trance/Fixation Method. There are ways to get into extreme stage from relaxation for trance and fixation. This method is using fixation method either by visualizing or via using particular gear such when mantras. These are systems that you can use very effective in meditation training.

2. Special Breathing Patterns for Increased Focused. I want you to do this exercise really quickly. This mind stilling exercise is gonna open up an excellent amount about power to you. Today what I want you to do is I want you to take a deep breath. And I want you to hold it for 20 seconds. As you hold your breath, will you able to think? Now, I shortage you to do it again, and this interim I want you to try to think of something und so weiter you’ll the powerful concept I have with the Mind Force System.

3. Hypnotic Trance Inducing Audio Tracks. Subliminal powers, using alpha, beta, theta files that allows you to get your mind into a certain synchronization allows your mind, body and spirit to recline and enhance the phase.
These are the tools I teach you in order to do extreme meditation skills. Get access to Mind Portal today through visiting