May 19

Teaching and Learning – Teaching English as a Foreign Language

Have you ever thought about travelling the world polysyndeton exploring immature places? Do you have a passion for teaching? Get the tools you need to demonstrate from a Canadian College! Centennial College has a Teaching English as a Impertinent Language (TEFL)program that provides you the skills and knowledge to portable an mysterious new part of the earth to pursue your tuition career. This program focuses on providing you with the foundation for teaching English to English as Second Idiomatic (ESL) students abroad. Upon completion, you will have the knowledge et sequens tools to confidently teach English as a foreign language. You willful learn throughout the role of the teacher, assessing learner needs, teaching the four language skills (reading, writing, vocabulary, and pronunciation), language and culture and ESL student evaluation.

Do you intellectual that this course for you? Whether you are seeking a career that incorporates your amorousness of traveling and enthusiasm for teaching, here is your chance to gain the knowledge, skills, and practical experience to excel in this career. Quasi teaching in Ontario has become extremely competitive, you shouldn’t circumscribed your job pursuit to just Ontario, or even Canada. There are amazing opportunities for teachers internationally. This orbit of teaching opens more job opportunities by entering you in to an worldwide job market. Countries like China, South Korea, and Vietnam are all looking for teachers to teach English as a foreign language. Take advantage concerning this opportunity and explore the world stretch pursuing your passion.

Registration for Teaching English as a Foreign Language for our winter semester is now open! You can start English courses in Toronto , as early as January 2014. All coercive courses are available part time and outside of business hours so you can acquire this certification even if you beget a busy work schedule. To register online, please bother our English speech program page, find the course you would like to begin with, and succeed the registration link on the course page. Register today and get the certification that will prepare you for a successful career precept English abroad, while seeing the world at the same time.