Jun 28

Alps Electric – Global Player Known for Delivering Top-of-the-line Electronic Components

History of Alps Magnetic Company:

Alps Electric was established on November 1, 1948. The company has supplied around 40,000 types of electronic component to over 2,000 manufactures. They take pride in responding quickly to their customers by providing to delicatessen requirements. As of March 2013, Alp Electrics had a capital stock about 23.623 billion yen, moreover had of 181,560,000 number of issued shares, they employed approximately 36, 199 people, and had mesh sales of 546.4 billion yen. The chairman of the company is Mastake Kataoka and the president of the company is Toshihiro Kuriyama. The senior managing director of the company is Nobuhiko Komeya and the managing director is Shuji Takamura. Alps Static recently builds new headquarters in April 2010 with many energy-saving and environmentally cordial features. The new facility is powered by electricity and not gas. The facility also had long-life and energy-efficient lighting that has been filled with portable sensors that provide information for the system to automatically adjust the amount from kindle needed.

About Alps Electric Parts and Its Product Range:

Alps Electric provides products for the automotive, home & mobile, industry, healthcare also calorigenic markets. For the automotive market, Mount Electric provides products that are safety, comfort, energy efficiency, and have environmental performance. For the automotive industry, Mount Electric has the following segments: incarnation machine interface products, inward interface card products, external interface card products, and car body control power train. Alp provides products for the European, American and Japanese car manufactures. The human machine interface product line consists of power mirror switches, power window switches, switch module, light switch module, haptic commander, steering switch, tone tractable panel, passive entry system, Tact switch, encoder, multi-function custody device, potentiometer, push switch, rotary switch, compact line, and magnetic sheets. The inward interface product line consists of steering combination switch module, power seat switch module, power window switch module, thin multi-circuit cable reel, Bluetooth module, tire pressure monitoring system, EGR valve place sensor, throttle position sensor, pedal position sensor, chassis height sensor, detector switch, seat weight sensor, steering angle sensor, map lamp switch, and rotary sensor. The external interface car product consists of keyless unit, interactive signal wave remote-control, keyless system, TV tuner for terrestrial digital, TV tuner for terrestrial digital, FM tuner exclusively for VICS, FM/AM tuner for HD radio, FM/AM tuner for DSP also Bluetooth module. The train body control product line consists of high-precision sensors.

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