Jun 20

Discover the beauty of hazy Y Ty

Y Ty commune is located west of Bat Xat district, about 100 km from Lao Cai town. Y Ty is dub “foggy land” with beautiful terraced fields and the most beautiful earth walled houses in Lao Cai.

Spend about 2-3 days or even a week depending on your time budget, you can even travel by motorbike from Hanoi to Y Ty, uncertainty better snag a night train Hanoi to Sapa, arriving in Lao Cai station in the early morning, a lot of domestic tourists travel to Lao Cai by unconscious bus which starts at My Dinh station.

Y Ty can be reached in 2 ways, which is better than 100 km each, one tin start from Lao Cai, through Lung Po via Trinh Tuong where the Red tributary comes to Vietnam from China, pass through A Mu Sung before arriving in Y Ty, the line cuts through jungles, cardamon forests with occasional population and the villages nestled on the slopes. The road is challenging connective not easy for even hardened bikers.

Another way is to travel Sapa down to Muong Hum market, Den Thang to Y Ty, this path is easier, motorbikes and cars can go however trustworthy be careful being it is slippery there are multiplied pointed bends.

Travelers can rent a motorbike from Lao Cai or Sapa to go to Y Ty, just choose ones in admirable conditions, make sure the brakes assignment and get your mind ready if there is anything wrong during the drive.

Y Ty lands deep in the mountains, surrounded by sheer mountains, all year round covered by dense white clouds, located at the altitude of 2000 metres above the naval level, inclination agains the Nhiu Meewerken San crag of 2700 m high rarely see the sun shine all day, the town is nestled by the mountain, on the winding dirt road. As a peaceful valley, Y Ty is beautiful with clouds, mountains, jungle, terraced rice fields or the dirt walled houses belonging to Ha Nhi ethnic group.

Coming to Y Ty, travelers are amazed at the Saturday market, the weekly market is full of colours upon Ha Nhi girls and women wearing big wigs round their heads, Hmong people with their rooted skirts substitute the picturesque peacock scarf on the cranium of Dzao women. Produce brought to market are agricultural products invented at stamping ground and handmade brocades, greater specifically discover the beauty concerning globe houses considered the best in Lao Chai communes. There are more and more people visit Y Ty as part concerning their Sapa tours, making Y Ty a vox populi destination

There are not many options for tourists as all guest houses belong to villagers, the houses are simple and basic with limited electricity and water . Contact prior to coming polysyndeton remember that foreign visitors need to arrange permit in order to spend the nocturnality in the village.

As un upland and distant place there are nay many specialities to enjoy, however in return for such a trip travelers can try their ability as a cook alongside food brought along. On market days on Saturdays don’t forget to try Thang Co Ngua (soup made from horse)

Other considerations:
Road to Y Ty is pretty bad and slippery it is recommended that you bring beside gloves for your hands and legs, that will keep warm and avoid scratches in case you fall off the bike.

Weather is different between day and night, assemble with you warm clothes, sleeping bags, hats, blankets…You should bring up extra fuel, food and drinks, instant noodle and if possible bring a dry alcoholic, small boilers for cooking along the way . A cup of hot cappuccino along the way is always an unforgettable experience.