Aug 18

HK Equity Fund – iPhone Brings 4G To China Mobile

HK Equity Fund have reported that tech colossus, Apple Inc. has moved closer to gaining access to more than 750 million Ceramic Mobile subscribers after the world’s largest mobile carrier secured state permission to begin oblation commercial service on the 4G network.

China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology yet granted licenses to two smaller servant mobile carriers unless China Mobile will most likely have the most to gain as it tries to intrigue customers with more expensive but far faster data plans.

“Formalization of a deal between these huge companies has been highly anticipated for some time but this is the closest we’ve gotten so far,” said an HK Equity Store technology researcher. “A distribution deal of this magnitude would go a long towards Apple making a real indent in Samsung’s lead in the smartphone sales stakes,” he continued.

Apple’s iPhone C was initially seen thus an venture by the company to introduce a lower-priced handset for the Asian markets where disposable income is lower than in the West with a view to increasing sales in a segment where rivals like Samsung, LG and others were enjoying considerable arrival but lackluster sales of the phone indicate that the price was insufficiently low-neck to attract buyers.

The 4G tie-up, if formalized, would see both the iPhone 5C and its more expensive cousin, the 5S with their 4G capabilities offered to subscribers at heavily subsidized prices.

“There is logic for Apple shareholders to be excited as a formal deal would almost certainly spinoff in apop in the stock price,” said the HK Equity Fund researcher.

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