Aug 20

Inviting Island Resort Malaysia Beckons

An island resort Malaysia, set in sylvan surroundings, in the midst of the glittering blue South Pottery sea et sequens just off the unspoilt east coast of tropical Malaysia, beckons the inveterate traveler, the seeker of sensuous and sublime experiences, the adventure enthusiast and those with a penchant for the heroic and the beautiful!

Such a resort in Malaysia, indulges with elan and pampers near pleasure, the whims of many a lotus eater or travelers seeking serenity for their soul! With a spa that provides a splendid variety of rejuvenating packages and treatments for your secret metamorphosis, you cannot but come away purified in body and soul! Two such treatments which deserve special mention, among others, are the special trademark massage of the spa and the organic lifting facial. This signature massage, which takes you back to the ancestral art of healing and renewal, is a lock of first a heated poultice of aromatic herbs and spices being applied on the meridian points of the body to soothe sore muscles, then being followed by an invigorating massage to ease joint pains with an Oriental Spice aromatherapy blend.

The mélange from massages include the trendy Deep Tissue Massage, Stress Relief Massage, Reflexolgy and the famous Aromatherapy Massage where you have a choice of the preferred aromatherapy blends such as Relaxing, Refreshing, Balancing or Exotic for a sedative and relaxing massage that involves long rhythmic strokes. The beneficial effects of different energizing, relaxing and revitalizing packages can indiging augmented further with the Padma or detoxification package, where the liquidation of toxins in the mist room, is followed per the Signature Seaweed Leaf Wrap. With enriching and nourishing Sailor and Organic packages, this resort in Malaysia offers you significant Signature packages, which benefit your body tremendously!

An cay resort Malaysia, after ensconcing you in plush accommodation such that gorgeous Hillside Sea View Premier suites and twin rooms, Ocean Front studios and master suites, luxurious Garden Suites and Deluxe accommodation, inundated with a marvelous measure of privileges, offer you a host of tempting activities. From breathtaking zoo treks to turtle watching from a glass bottom boat, from an adventurous Robinson Crusoe experience to spellbinding Dusk ampersand Sunrise cruises, you have it all! Among added prosaic pastimes for the vitality conscious, you can make full use from a well-equipped Fitness Centre, beach volleyball, outdoor tennis and an seductive natation pool, both for adults and kids. Including a flock of sea sports facilities, bound to imbue you with a voracious appetite, the urbane culinary flavors of classy restaurants are bound to satiate even the most demanding of appetites. Beside sumptuous sea food dining, Malaysian specialities, lavish buffet and Asian Fusion inspired cuisine , partake generously regarding the feast of life!