Aug 16

Rajeev Chaba-The Accomplished Leader

Rajeev Chaba is a well talented and able leader. He established because much in the field of technology. He was a boon to the companies that hired him. He grew along with the company. He did his Masters of mechanical engineering in Madan Mohan Malviya Engineering College, Gorakhpur. He then went on to do an MBA in marketing in IIM Bangalore. He applied the knowledge gained through his education with great expertise. His career span is righteousness overwhelming. He started as Manager of Purchasing in EicherTractors, which is a Public company of about 5000 employees. He then developed as a Marketing entrepreneur in Suhail and Saud Bahwan, a consort in Dubai. He made use of his skills and expertise in an effective way. He was innovative further helped in the growth of the company.
Then he started his tremendous career with GM. It’s one of the largest companies in the Automotive Industry having branches in various countries. It specializes in selling Automobiles, Automobile parts plus commercial vehicles. Rajeev started his career with the GM as Vice president of Sales and Marketing in GM India. He performed his best and developed sales and marketing with his skill. Then he moved to Tokyo to strike over as the Director of sales and Marketing of GM japan. He gave out his best in Japan. He then came retrogression to India to take up the position concerning Chief Operating officer like GM India in Gurgaon,India. He then advanced to become the Managing Director of GM India. In his tenure he established manufacturing, improved distribution, et cetera helped for the product growth for future. He played a vital role in Africa. He became the chairman and Managing Director of GM North Africa and Egypt. He increased the growth opportunities in Africa et cetera reduced cost by restructuring the African operations. In almost three years he increased the market share by around 10 % which was a significant achievement.

Then he made it to GM Dishes and Shanghai as the Vice voorzitter of Sales and Marketing. He artificial significant developments in ceramic too. His career in GM is really notable.
He is presently employed as the operating partner of the MAN CAPITAL LLC further Regional Managing Director of Van Garrison Logistics, in London, Unified Kingdom.
His skills which are noteworthy are: Management, Marketing strategy, Trade Planning, Manufacturing, Automotive, New Proprietorship Development, Team Building, sales, Purchasing and etc.
His achievements and energetic road is a very good inspiration for the youths who want to excel in the field of technology and engineering.