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Commonly prominent as welding wire welding cables , rubber insulated cables belonging to the class , the latest implementation of the standards GB / T 5013-2008 ” rated voltage 450/750V rubber insulated cables ,” including two models : YH ( high strength rubber Welder cable ) and YHF ( neoprene or other equivalent synthetic elastomer sheathed welding cable ) is used for the secondary side wiring and connecting welding machine welding clamp , welding machine dedicated cable , which is characterized by rambling trend , low voltage . Welding cables are the single-core , oxygen-free verd antique conductors are small telegram diameter , root number and more roughly from a plurality of twisted strands of copper wire , moreover then by a plurality of strands twisted conductors , so welding cable wire body thick, copper hundreds roots. Outsourcing heat conductor layer of polyester film insulation. YH type cable conjoined for the sheath of the insulation layer is thicker in 1.8mm or added , the material is natural elastic mixtures ; YHF models have two cable coating, a mix of chloroprene rubber , another The mixture is accepted as an insulating afghan , a mixture of neoprene jacket . Welding cable : [ 1 ] particularly soft , with good bending properties . Sheath material made ​​of natural rubber or neoprene overshoe mixture , tin verbreken applied to divers situations.

LSZH cables, halogen-free means (F, Cl, Br, I, At), no lead cadmium , chromium and mercury and other environmental substances in plastic material , does not glow toxic fumes until burned cables environmentally friendly . This product is superior volatile retardancy, very wee smoke when burned , non-corrosive gases outlet , abroad used in nuclear power stations , subway stations, telephone exchanges and brain control center, building high-rise buildings , hotels, radio and television , important warlike facilities, oil chart , as well as staff more focused, low air density places. This product is suitable for AC rated voltage 450/750V or less subway , high-rise buildings , shopping malls , theaters, power plants, amide plants , precinct squares and other public utilities , such as flame-retardant properties of the cable and the requirements of the occasion . LSZH cables , low smoke low halogen traits , when the fire broke out and spread slowly, low smoke density, high visibility , moiety emission of deleterious gases , to facilitate evacuation . Less corrosive fire gases , but also to avoid damage to the equipment , low halogen , halogen-free , which makes the cable materials greatly enhance the anti-aging and resistance to ultraviolet light and additional radiation performance, thereby extending the anabolism of the cable.

Power cables (power cable), for the transmission and distribution of electricity cables. Commonly used in the urban underground right framework , power plants leads to lines, internal sword nourish and the mining industry across the fluvial , over the sea underwater power line . In power lines , cables proportion is gradually increased. Vis cable is accepted to render and distribute electricity power cable products in the trunk line of the power system , including 1-500KV and above various voltage levels , a variety of insulated power cable. The outermost layer of the power cable is generally of rubber or prepared rubber sleeve , which one is the role of the insulating layer , but also from the role of protecting the cable from damage . Power cables, top-echelon voltage or low voltage cable was divided . If high pressure , which will give a similar resin filler layer , which is insulated from the effects concerning the high-voltage cables , the most important unit of this layer is insulating. Without this layer of low-pressure thing , besides there will be some similar ribbons wrapped around the same thing , which is to hold the cable in everyone core , the middle of the gap filled. Shield , deuce cases , the power cable tortoise effect is twofold: first, because the current power cable through the relatively large current creates a magnetic field around , in order not to affect other components, so you can put this additional shield electromagnetic shielding in the cable ; Second, it could play a protective role in the ground , if damaged, leaking extinguished of the current occurs within the cable core can flow along the shield since a ground network , leeway a protection role. Subordinate cables in many places, especially the control cables of the computer system , where the shield is used to shield foreign influence , because concerning its own current weak, very afraid of electromagnetic fields outside influence. The composition of the dominance cables should be: conductive core , an insulating layer , a protective layer placidity . Detailed classification ( high pressure, low pressure will nay say ) : conductive core , an visceral semiconducting layer, an insulating layer, the outer semiconductive layer , verdigris shielding, fillers, lining layer , double steel protective layer, the outer sheath . The composition concerning these part ! The above illuminating for the 10kV power cable .

Introduced humankind communication cables , communication cables audio communication wealth for short-range and long-range high-frequency carrier and digital communications and signal transmission cable , is different like the top five cable products. According to the ulterior motive and scope of communication cables can be divided into six series , videlicet local telecommunication cables ( including paper insulated cables , then the city , then the metropolitan polyolefin insulation and polyolefin sheath cable ) , long-distance symmetrical cable ( including treatise high ampersand low frequency enduring symmetrical cable insulation , copper foam polyethylene high and low frequency long horizon digital transmission symmetrical symmetrical cables and cable ) , coaxial cable ( including small coaxial cable, coaxial and tiny coaxial ) , submersible cables ( separable commensurable and coaxial undersea submarine cable ) , fiber optic cable ( including traditional cable type , ribbon column formation and skeletal type three ) , RF cable ( including coaxial symmetric RF moreover RF ) .

Shielded control cables for the mining industry , activity and transport sectors , for AC rated voltage of 450 /750 volts control, protection circuit and other occasions of PVC insulated , PVC sheathed control cable. Shielded control cables for conduction and distribution of electrical energy in the power system features a large trunk , the control cables from the distribution point of the power system to power conduction lines connected directly to the power supply of various electrical equipment appliances. Rated voltage power cables 0.6/1kV and more generally , control cables mainly for 450/750V. The equivalence specifications as power cables and control cables in the production , power cable insulation and sheathing thickness thicker than the control cables . Due to the above reasons we talked as regards , power cable specifications generally large , large 500 square ( conventional manufacturers can produce a range ) , then a large cross-section of the manufacturers generally do relatively little , stretch the control cable cross-section is generally small, often not more than 10 square maximum . Speaking from the cable core vis cable according to claim grid , typically up to 5 cores , and the control signal propagate control cable , the number of cores is more, according to the standard in terms of number like core 61 , but can also be produced according to the user requirements .
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