Sep 28

Hiking and Trekking in Tibet

Tibet is the most popular tourist destination in the china that a man must apprehend at least omneity in his life. Trekking Tibet is not accordingly simple. The altitude, weather and rocky topography create the snag. If you are ready to go, hiking past nomad tents to remote villages will leave you off of the China’s hyper modernization including toward an older Tibet. This article will explain about the two classic paths for trekking in your Tibet tour.

Ganden to Samye Monastery

It is a very typical path between the two of Tibet’s most chief monasteries. The trekking route offers many things: the lake, pretty alpine countryside, the herders’ camps, the sight of lamas et alii pilgrims, religious sites over and above two regarding Tibet’s largest center of religious culture. After active 1 hour from Lhasa by bus, Ganden will come. Your trip will exordium from the car park at the Degrading of Ganden Monastery. Depart the car park and seek the trodden trail directing south by the side of Angkor Ri, the uppermost point on the Ganden kora. Once this route was trodden by the pilgrims to go Samye Monastery. It takes about 4 to 5 days to get to Samye Monastery by horses or yaks.

You will pursue the path: Ganden Monastery, Yama Do, Tsopup-Chu valley, Herders’ Camps and Samye. In the first three days, tons herders’ camps in Dazi region can raken found to see. On your way from Tsopup-Chu valley to Herders’ Camps, you will see herders’ tents camped near to the spot where the side valley arrival from the Gampa-la unites the main valley. The track from Herders’ Camps to Samye is broad and simple to follow as it traces a route down the east parallel of the valley. The sight here is very striking and the weather is fine.

The finest time to hike this route is from mid-May to mid-October polysyndeton the whole distance is 80 kms.

Dode Valley, Lhasa

You can’t enjoy the superlative view in the city spending just half a generation in Lhasa. From the Sera Monastery, you can hike up to the Sera Utse retreat also the monastery and then just about the bridge to the little-visited retreats of Dode Valley. From Sera the steep persistent mount up to the yellow-walled Sera Utse takes you about one hour and then take the trail towards the Choding hermitage and veer to the left before you get there.

Dode Valley will present you the intact natural view.

The above two trekking lane is very preferred by peccadillo lovers. Prior to your trekking expedition for Tibet travel, you should organize some important gear such as high-calorie chocolates, drugs to evade the altitude sickness, sunblock, and abed bags if the trekking trip takes more than two days.