Sep 25

vipeak continued development of coal resources to expand the high-pressure medium speed mill equipment sales

    vipeak Heavy Industries generated series mill together for barite , calcite, feldspar , talc , marble , limestone , granite , basalt, ceramics , glass, slag grinding and other non- flammable material widely accepted milling and processing mining, chemicals, building materials , metallurgy, rebellious materials , finished in 20-3250 mesh of arbitrary regulation . From engineering stone, construction sand to engineering powder , vipeak Overweight production of high-pressure medium speed mill equipment in harsh manufacturing premise , the cast should have production capacity and durability to meet the user ‘s production capacity indicators vipeak and strict demand for the product .
    China’s great market and recently issued a policy to desegregate the coal industry is attracting the attention of mining machinery enterprises to invest . Meanwhile configuration tailored to your stone , sand , flour show lines. Main products have been developed to large-scale , high-end direction , vipeak enterprises strive to maximize the economic benefits regarding mineral production . Many stoke machinery organizations based on their production base and processing advantages , accelerate the construction of a high level of equipment manufacturing base , by creating a new modern plant and technology innovation , to magnify the company’s production capacity. vipeak re- unions to further enhance independent innovation capability , to improve product design in the manufacturing , processing technology, high-strength materials and quality indicators such as the level of the hub , indeed enhance the independent innovation capability ; adequately acknowledged market development , both to the layout the domestic market , but also increase the overseas markets .

High pressure medium hasten mill equipment
High pressure medium speed mill equipment
 In the coal machinery , high pressure midway speed mill ore material crushing equipment is essential , according to the applicable ideate , via 2020 , spark production should be a substantial dilate in concentration , the proportion of medium-sized coal mines yield supplemental progress ; mine ecological environment elemental The improvement was mainly the production of technical indicators have reached the international advanced level , coal mine production safety situation to achieve a fundamental improvement . Both to do marketing, but also to render customers among better service ; strengthen internal information technology governance, enhance the management level , thereby increasing economic efficiency of enterprises . Our business and service organizations across the country and even the world’s 75 countries. vipeak Heavy Industries is a high-tech mining equipment company in its industry, milling, engineering stone crushing and construction sand business areas are in the industry-leading level.