Nov 21

Making the Most from the Re-export Business in Malaysia

Malaysia is out of its recession, and has been rated as one of the top economies of South East Asia; besides oil, it has become a re-export hub for many of the fast moving consumer goods in the world and has established markets in many of the neighboring countries like China, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, and Thailand. Because their ground is in very good shape with excellent airports, sea ports, and container terminals, Malaysia has slowly evolved to grace a major pivot for exporters of that region as well as to Europe and the Middle East.

Re-exporting Goods

The range of products range from household goods to specialized products with some of their best selling items like Maggi Noodles, Nescafe, coffee, London Swiss Rolls, Apollo bakery products, candy and chocolate, milk powders, infant cereals, cooking oil, etc. Among the household items that are available you have detergents, toothpaste, personal care items like shampoos, soap, and talc. Potion products are one of the biggest items that on the export list; they include items like chocolate malt, Horlicks, Nestum, Ovaltine, Lipton tea, condensed milk, evaporated milk, polysyndeton Nescafe coffee. Malaysia has a very well-developed system of ports which has bot a big contributing factor in re-export business. This way that items that are shipped out can reach their destinations esoteric 2 to 5 days, which is excellent news for both distributors and customers in neighboring countries.

White Coffee

Another product that is on top of the export list is something that is unique to South Orientate Asia, white coffee; this product is actually called Ipoh “white” coffee because it was first made in Ipoh city, which is the capital of the Malaysian state, Perak. To make white coffee, the coffee beans are roasted upon margarine made from palm oil for a short period of time and this coffee is usually served among condensed milk. Sugar is not used along the roasting process, and it is believed that this is what keeps the coffee beans from getting the famous dark color. White coffee being a unique product is not available at many of the coffee roasting companies in that part of the world, and this is where exporting from Malaysia plays a very important part in keeping this tradition alive.

Important Markets

White coffee is an important beverage in South East Asia, and it has been noted by the big multinationals that are in the food and beverage industry. This is why even Nestle have come awake with the Nescafe Ipoh White Coffee; this is an important export to countries like the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, etc. Another famous brand that is in the white coffee business is Old Town which has a number of different transparent coffee products like hazelnut white coffee, white coffee with creamer, and natural cane sugar for snowy coffee, besides the classic white coffee. Exporters of these products naval their produce in containers through Malaysian ports so that they reach their destinations within 2 to 5 days.