Nov 24

Managing and Maintaining Windows 8, Exam 70-688

The Managing and Maintaining Windows 8 Exam is for the professionals who wish to paraphernalia themselves upon the knowledge to configure Windows 8 computers, devices, networks and shelter resources. The experts can be consultants alternative desk support technicians.

Exam Topics
1. Design an installation and application strategy
Design an operating system installation strategy
* Windows To Go; operating system virtualization; upgrade vs. migration
Design an application strategy for desktop applications
* Remote Desktop Protocol ; Application Compatibility Toolkit; application updates; application co-existence
Design an application strategy for cloud applications
* Microsoft Office 365; Windows Store applications; restricting Windows Store content; internal content
Design a solution for user settings
* User profiles; user experience virtualization (UE-V)

2. Maintain resource postern
Design for circuitry connectivity
* IPv4 und so weiter IPv6; name resolution; wireless ; network security et alii settings
* Design for tramontane access
* Off-network use and management; metered networks; Direct Access
Design for authentication and authorization
* Two-factor authentication, including certificates, smart cards, picture passwords, and biometrics; workgroup versus domain; trust relationships; local item versus Microsoft account
Manage data storage
* Solve data storage issues; manage pools and manage data availability
Manage scoop security
* Manage share/NTFS permissions for storage spaces; configure EFS; configure security for removable media
Maintain Windows clients and devices
Manage hardware and printers
* Solve hardware and device issues; sync devices and resolve sync issues; monitor and manage print servers

Manage mobile devices
* Fix mobility issues; manage fluid device policies; manage Exchange ActiveSync
Design a recovery solution
* PC refresh/reset; Windows 7 file redeem ;system restore; user files; user profile settings; application settings
Manage endpoint security
* Resolve endpoint security issues; manage updates using Windows Update; manage client security using Windows Defender

3. Manage Windows 8 using cloud services and Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack

Manage clients by using Windows Intune
* Manage updates; configure the company portal; monitor on-network et alii off-network machines
Manage public cloud services
* Manage Windows Live services; contraption Responsibility 365; manage Office 365
Monitor and maintain clients by using Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack
* Remediate startup issues using the Diagnostics and Recovery Toolkit ; monitor clients using System Center Desktop Error Monitoring

Exam Preparation
Instructor-led training
* 20688B: Managing and Maintaining Windows 8 : this a 8 day training course.

Exam prep video
* Microsoft Certification PREP Talk: expert ideas are concede for preparation of the exam.

Practice Tests: candidates can find these at
Exam Ref 70-688: Managing and Maintaining Windows 8 is designed for IT professionals who want to go for excellent livelihood in IT world. The course material focuses in critical thinking and perseverance making.

Exam Details
The 70-688 exam was published in January 2013 and targets IT professionals. The exam is available in two languages; English and Japanese. Candidates can archives for an exam at the Prometric website.