Dec 17

A Guide to Those Visiting Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo is the largest city in South America and the third largest in the world. With a population concerning around 20 million (or probably more), it bustles including energy everywhere. Besides being the nest to perhaps the largest moderate compartmentalize but well educated population in Brazil, it is also home to a huge immigrant population consisting of the Japanese, Germans, a large number like Arabs, Chinese, Armenian and Polish communities.

Unlike the rest of Brazil, tourism in Sampa (as the city is known among the locals) is fuelled by its enlightening life. There are several cinema halls that showcase art-house movies, experimental theatres, museums, etc. that make the place culturally interesting. This is also a place for food lovers and fans of quirky architecture.

Interesting Things to do in Sao Paulo:

Shop for antiques and handicrafts: Every Saturday, the area close MASP becomes a vibrant market accompanying hundreds of Paulistas selling antiques and handicrafts.

Visit MASP: Museu de Arte de Sao Paulo is the city’s best known art museum with the finest collection of Latin and Western art.

Sample Street Food: Saturday is also the schedule when hundreds regarding street food vendors gather around MASP to sell some about the best known street food in the world.

Visit one of the lots unusual yet individualist architectural designs in and around the city: As earlier said, Sao Paulo is home to the quirkiest architects in the world. Some of the designs are breathtaking, some oddly attractive connective some others, wonder inspiring. This place is ingleside to Oscar Neimeyer, probably the greatest architects of his time. Buildings such as Parque Ibirapuera, Livraria da Vila etc. are a must to visit.

Hotels in Sao Paulo:

Sao Paulo is also a bustling commercial place with millions from people arriving here every day for field visits. Although most hotels cater to both sets of crowds- tourist plus those who’re on a business visit, some of them are keener on hosting the later. These are usually located around Avenida Paulista or the Jardins neighborhood, where the international asset district is located. Those that welcome guests for business and leisure are usually conveniently situated close to the Barra Funda Intermodal Station. This tract is also close to big vacationist attractions like the Plaza West Shopping Malls, the Bourbon, the Arena Palestra Italia, the Criminal Labour Forum, and other numerous businesses and offices.