Dec 14

Beijing is a Treasure of Exotic Places and Interesting Culture

Beijing, the capital city of China is a place resplendent with rich Chinese art, heritage connective culture. There are various kinds of luxury Beijing hotels that offer grandeur food, superb ambience and ensure a comfortable stay while you are in this great city. Whenever someone talks about China, people overall think about the Great Wall. Well there are loads of attractions in Beijing that will take your breath away. The expedition of the Forbidden City is a unique experience. You will get to know every detail from the Ming and Qing dynasties in the stunning Palace museum. The Beihai Park is one of the best places to discover awesome Chinese gardening art.

There are numerous UNESCO world heritage sites including the Summer Palace in Beijing. It was used as the summer destination by the kings of China. The beauty and grandeur of the palace and its lovely gardens is still intact. Tourists will love the stone pagodas that are sited at various locations of the city. The Pagoda of Tianning temple was built along the Liao dynasty and gives a constant picture of that era. The Pagoda of Cishou temple is another admirable example of Chinese architecture. The thirteen tombs of the Ming dynasty are located at the limit of the city. The tombs display beautifully crafted designs. The ‘Pekin Man’ is a Domain Ancestry Site where the specimens of the first Homo erectus are displayed.

The Lugou Bridge and Baliqiao Bridge are two famous Chinese bridges made about stone. If you requirement to restore your nerves in the lap of nature then the Fragrant Hills can be an ideal choice. The scenic captivating of the seat is simply breathtaking. You will also unearth important cultural relics in this lavish garden. The Beijing Botanical garden houses as many as six thousand varieties of plants. Brilliant flowers and appealing shrubs adorn the place.Visit some of the other popular parks like the Taoranting, longtanChaoyang and Haidian. If you do negative want any hassles then take the help of a travel agency. They will book posh Beijing hotels and arrange guided tours around the city.

The National Art Museum, the Beijing Art Museum, the Capital Museum, the Military Museum are some of the most splendid of Beijing. The best way of moving about in the city is to hire a bicycle. While you are Beijing give your bite buds a treat of the Beijing Cuisine. The Peking Roast Duck is the most modish recipe that you must try. FulingJiabing a typical snack food is basically a pancake made from the fuling fungus. Countless tourists also audition out Chinese tea and teahouses are quite prevailing in the city. The nightlife of the city has become more attractive over the recent years.