Dec 24

iPhone 4S cottage charger Zaibao massacre electrocuted user Thailand

Although the recent iPhone 5s, iPad Air and iPad mini sold in full swing , but Apple’s current again suffered a major public relations crisis , and recently together about Apple users cottage charger unheralded event causing loss occurred.

The accident users from Thailand, using Apple products iPhone 4s. According to local Thai media reports , the 28 -year-old Thai youth scene when police arrived , have been rest to lie down on the ground, and have a hands still clutching the charred iPhone 4s, while still sticking with the celestial a data intersect , the added end of the data cable connected to a third-party charger Original Mobile Phone Buzzer For iPhone 5.

From July this year , about Apple iPhone users a series of fatal accidents appear on third-party chargers frequent . First, a 23 -year-old flight attendant from China Ma Ailuncottage when using the phone charger died of electric shock , followed by July 25 in Sydney, Australia also has a female users are already using their own iPad for years of shock , but luckily hier father and sent to the hospital to discover it did not appear life-threatening.

The accident occurred in these cases, being the vast majority concerning users are using third-party chargers cottage unqualified result in electric shock, so Apple has been at pains to publicize the difference moderate the pioneer cart and charger cottage, and encourages educating users must purchase a qualified charger. Apple has even launched a third-party charger original charger trade activities, each only $ 10 (about 60 yuan) mobile phone parts supplier mobile phone parts.

The latest incident in Thailand users, apparently dead at the time of the accident the car against the iPhone. Photos from the scene like the accident point of view, this unitary cottage Chargers blue, not white depiction of Apple’s official charger. And this incident has once again warned those who are using third-party substandard cottage charger Apple users, do not verbreken cheap or too troublesome to continue to take risks, to harmonize to the Apple’s official website or the official barter purchase genuine charger only to ensure safety .