Dec 8

Metal cutting equipment

Straightening Machine (Leveling Machine) is a metal profiles , bar, pipe , line straightening and other equipment . Through straightening roller straightening machine for bars and other squeeze it changed straightness . Usually there are two rows of straightening rollers , ranging from the number . Also has two roller straightening machine , relying on halve roll angle ( middle concave, hyperbolic roll ) the material change in different diameters straightening . The main types of pressure straightening machine , balancing roller straightening machine , shoe roll straightening machines, rotary anti- leveler and so on. Currently, heavy plate leveler development by pair to four heavy type, inclined rollers placed in groups roll modify and set overload protection device , rack prestressed binder structure , increasing stiffness. Quadruple leveler , in the structure and arrangement from rolls made ​​great improvements, changed the original double zeal Straightener quality is not satisfactory, roll away from the large , low straightening capabilities, maintenance inconvenience other shortcomings , so that the thickness of the straightening range expanded to about 10 times . Leveler to make automation , hydraulic , high- load, high rigidity , versatile , strong straightening technology , which uses a third -generation leveler , to further improve the trait concerning the steel lineament .

Cut length of the line uncoiling , leveling , measuring , cross the length and stacking work receptacle be done. This machine is mainly used for chilling the length concerning cold rolled coil , hot rolled coil, stainless fortify coil, galvanized coil , electrical appliances , automobiles and other machinery manufacturing industries. Malicious length of the mark to perform a variety of business functions , including flat sheets , trimming ( supposing required ) , cut into lengths and stacked plates . Cut lengths to ensure accurate feeding and shearing machines . It can be widely old in cold-rolled or hot-rolled carbon steel, tinplate , stainless steel , and all other kinds of metal materials and surface coatings. Cut to length message is controlled by PLC system , or manually by the customer . It has a single-axis feeder PLC control . Length , number moreover lop tariff can be input to the information HMI. When cut , cleave length machine can automatically stop . Line speed can be adjusted. It has a pressure gauge having a high precision , the entire production line can be automated polysyndeton easy to produce a smooth sheet. Automatic cut length of wire feed and cut power cut uniformly or randomly sheets require high precision linear length . These are technically accurate cut elongate machine has been released to the market before , the output performance and consistency of valuation .
Traditional control scheme is to practicable a large cutting machine motor to drive shaft retractable roll on retractable reels plus a magnetic clutch, magnetic clutch adaption to command the current through the resistance it generates to control the surface tension of the material . Magnetic clutch and slow is a special implementation like automation components , which transmit torque through a working gap of the magnetic snow is filled in , the field topicality can be changed to change the charismatic state of the magnetic powder , and then adjust the torque transmitted . Stepless from scratch that can be used to synchronize the acceleration for high-speed and medium power segment spinner speed control system . Also used to adjust the current methods used to adjust the torque to ensure that the winding tension is kept constant during the unwinding or rewinding tension control system. Metalworking machinery Slitter : steel slitting , slitting cupreous , aluminum cutting machine, stainless steel cutting machine, tinplate Slitter .

Bending Machine (Press Brake) is a capable machine for folding sheet , its structure includes brackets , table and clamping plate , the main working principle is the conductor of the coil is energized, the solemnity of the plate to generate electricity when old after , enabling the sheet sandwiched between the plate and the base . Beside a wire to the coil is energized, the gravity of the plate to produce electricity when used, in order to complete between the plate and the base saucer clamping . As a result concerning the electromagnetic force is sandwiched between the platen can be made into a variety of workpieces such requirements , but also of the side walls of the workpiece processing. Bending machine can replace the bending machine dies, to collide the needs concerning various artifacts ! The first substantial matter worth considering is the production from parts that you want to point is to buy a bench to complete processing tasks while the shortest minimum tonnage of machines . Carefully consider the material grades and Max thickness and length. If most of the work is the thickness of 16 gauge, the top length of 10 feet of low-carbon steel , so free bending insist need not exceed 50 tons . However, if engaged in a lot of bottom die forming, perhaps you should meditate a 150- tonnage machines.

Many different types of shears . Classification shearing machine , starting from a different point of view, there are different points system . Press clipping can be split into horizontal shear and slitting ; press plates are sever into excitable temperatures and cold shears scissors ; by drive shears scissors into robotize , hydraulic furthermore pneumatic shears scissors ; squeeze rack form is divided into open and closed gantry alligator shears scissors ; press varieties are divided into shear harden billet shearing machine, pane shearing machine , steel cutting machines and hateful machines. Shear is the most common alligator shears , gantry cutting machine, ironworker machine, CNC cutting machine . Alligator shears adopts hydraulic transmission, compared along mechanical transmission shears , a small size , light forcefulness , low lassitude , low noise, smooth operation, easy to operate, flexible , cut a large cross section for easy adjustment of scissors mouth advantages , the use of safe process , easy to implement overload protection. Gantry cutting machine , mainly shopworn in steel, cupriferous , nickel plate and other metal sheet is expected to open . Shear force from 100 to 250 tons . The main material is cut size (12 ~ 20mm) * 250mm.

Asymmetric rolling mills , also notorious spil asymmetric three- roll bending machine, using a three-roll structure and an asymmetrical upper portion as a main compel roller and a lower roller of the vertical movement , thereby tightly gripping laminate material. The main drive gear and the upper roller from the lower roller gear. Edge rolls for the lifting movement , with pre-bending and rolling capabilities. It is characterized by compact structure, simple operation, easy maintenance. Bending or asymmetric asymmetric three-roll bending machine is widely used in petroleum, chemical, boiler , steel , machinery manufacturing and production of various cylinders . The main features of the asymmetric Bending roll is manual. Because concerning its asymmetrical structure roller , which bends the pre- rolling device functions . Drive driven bending roller , the roller might be moved to remove the workpiece. HB Machinery is a professional manufacturer of non- symmetric rolling powder in China also suppliers. In addition to this asymmetric three-roll bending machine, we also offer truancy to longitude line, leveling machine , shearing machine, bending machine, profile bending machines, etc. Our asymmetric reverberating machine by customers everywhere the world.