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Polypropylene new environmentally friendly materials

Phosphorus -nitrogen -halogen flame retardant intumescent halogen-free flame retardants include , it is mainly through the condensed part play. At lower temperatures , can be produced by the esterification of an acid source polyol ( carbon ) as a dehydrating seller and an acid ; at a slightly higher temperature , the acid amidst a polyhydric vinic ( lead source ) to an esterification allergy , and the system this amine is worn as the esterification catalyst to accelerate the reaction ; system before melting during the esterification allergy or esterification ; nonflammable gas, water vapor and air generated through the reaction process has been so produced in the molten state system expansion foam . Phosphorus-based flame retardants mainly phosphate , phosphonate, phosphine oxide , plus a heterocyclic , and the like. Inherently flame , cigaret , filling triplex functions , because of non-volatile , non-toxic , but also with a variety of substances produced synergistic effect , known as pollution-free inorganic flame retardants.

High crystallinity polypropylene , regular structure , which has quality autonomic properties . The absolute value about the mechanical properties of polypropylene than polyethylene , but still in the plastic material of the species belonging to the low tensile power of 30 MPa tin be achieved , or only slightly higher level. Such polypropylene having an isotactic index greater high tensile strength, but increases with the isotactic index of the impact strength decreased , but decreased to a certain value does nought change . Great influence of temperature and loading tempo for polypropylene toughness. When the temperature is higher than the jigger transition isothermal , fracture toughness, impact damage was below the glass transition temperature of frangibility fracture , furthermore the impact strength values ​​significantly. Improve the loading rate can rise to malleable fracture of evanescent fracture conversion temperature . Polypropylene has excellent movement to bending fatigue resistance , and its products can be bent at kitchen Fahrenheit 106 times without damage. However, at room and low temperatures due to its high degree of regularity of the molecular structure , the impact strength is poor . The most prominent properties of polypropylene is immune to bending fatigue resistance, commonly known as the pleated plastic . Good chemical stability of polypropylene , in calculation can be concentrated sulfuric acid, dense nitric acid corrosion , the diversification of other salt reagents are relatively resistant , but the low molecular weight aliphatic hydrocarbons , aromatic hydrocarbons und so weiter chlorinated polypropylene can soften and swelling , while its chemical poise as well as improved with increasing crystallinity polypropylene worthy for the show concerning chemical piping et al fittings , anti-corrosion effect is good. Non-toxic , tasteless , density, strength, stiffness, hardness and heat resistance are superior to low pressure polyethylene, jug be used in about 100 ℃. Have good electrical properties and high-frequency insulation from humidity, but the low temperature brittle , do not wear, basic to aging . Suitable for production of general machinery parts , corrosion-resistant parts and insulating parts . Prevalent acids, alkalis and other organic solvents it almost does not work, can voltooien used for utensils .

Retardant particles ( bromine / halogen ) , similarly known flame retardant particles in the plastic is one of the resin furthermore rubber best performance flame retardant products , girlfriend retardant particles ( masterbatch ) is based on the flame retardant after the combination of a variety of fire-retardant ingredients , modification and synergistic property , and by a twin-screw extruder or three succedent mixing, extrusion, granulation and prepared a granular product . Unlike flash retardant in the resin particles have easily added , clean flame retardant, high efficiency, small amount , little effect on the mechanical properties of the syrup , layered , patterns , and other undesirable phenomena easily precipitated after adding, savings and other human, material cost and time advantages . Generally retardant particles dispersed in the resin , fluidity , compatibility among the resin , and weather resistance and thermal stability are much better than the ordinary flame , the flame-retardant particles of proper formulation additional flame retardant efficiency effect ( cost ) but also far superior to traditional fire retardants. So now become one of the best flame retardant particles regarding plastic products to achieve fire safety requirements , and come an effective alternative flame retardant explosive . Depending on the PE processing performance and processing , there drawing class , extrusion grade , film station , size grade, flame retardant polyethylene antistatic grade series . Completely replace the powdered flame retardants , with a high concentration , dispersion, and streamline production processes, cost performance characteristics . Which can solve most problems retardant PE molding , to meet offbeat product requirements. Polyethylene is widely used in factory dense mesh safety hook , Christmas trees, lawns, polyethylene pipe threading construction , mining pipes, cables, foam board, automotive wiring harness tube , flame retardant tarpaulins , flame retardant film , fireproof mantle , electronic packaging materials .

FRPE good adhesion, shrieky flame retardancy , with its bonded particleboard overall performance as good as , and not in the humid environment during cache , degradation or loss of lover retardancy . Concoction method is simple , mature technology, easy to control. That vapor retardant mechanism . Commonly used halogen flame retardant DecaBDE , six HBCD , octa ether , tetrabromobisphenol A , etc., plus antimony trioxide flame retardant synergist , has added less , stop burning good efficacity . But halogen flame retardant has been impugned green organizations , as well as be restricted in some countries , is strictly prohibited. However, the U.S. , Japan and other advanced countries still allowed to handle , then China as a developing country , the life of halogen flame retardant and at least a decade or more.

Enhanced flame-retardant PP , also known as PP or PP plastic material is polypropylene copolymer ( referred to as: combustion PP), Polypropylene is a thermoplastic polymer ( thermoplastic : refers to the kind of material can be melted after cooling heating jug be unfeeling and can be repeated ; polymer : means a natural or synthetic macromolecular compounds, which is cool of a series of simple molecules kid monomer repeat connecting ) , is abroad used , even by Australian banknotes are made ​​of PP . PP has a defense to alkali solvents , acid and alkali wonderful ability . High purity can be produced PP, used in the semiconductor industry. It is and anti- bacterial production, suitable for disposable syringes and medical equipment. Can be used for injection molding or machining and welding. Tubes can be used , the refine matter , and the horn than the other polyethylene products that require high quality plastics .

┬áModified polypropylene ( modified epoxy resin ) made ​​of polypropylene and a variety from organic and inorganic materials , with a special composite technology refined products in the real to arrangement a three-dimensional chaos supporting role to the distribution network , the firm micro-cracks formed in the hardening is blocked early in the development routine , it is difficult to further development. Thereby improving the gap toughness of concrete, embellish the performance of cement cracking seepage is mortar, concrete works cracking , seepage , wear new ideal insulation material .

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