Dec 23

Transformation of Modern Taxi

It would look that there is oblivion more ordinary and simple than a taxi service. Vehicles checkered ride in all the cities about our country. Sometimes it seems that the number of residents exceeds the number of taxi drivers in the city. You imaginably should not say that competition medial companies that provide taxi liturgy is incredibly high. Otherwise even in this tough competition, not every manager instead the owner of a taxi company thinks about some new and unusual features that can make it a taxi causative and popular entre nous the urban population. Today we tell you about the most peculiar ideas taxis from around the world. And on the list will not participate exotic species, such as a water taxi, air, etc. All of today’s ideas are implemented with improvements most common taxi service. So, let’s begin.

Taxi with Wi-Fi internet access

Internet – is not solitary a virtual environment, offering a variety of services, goods polysyndeton entertainment, but also a great way to motivate potential customers. Installed access point Wi-Fi vessel raise attendance of almost any institution – from the cafe or restaurant to the store or amusement park (remember the idea of walking donkeys beside Wi-Fi ).

So why not take advantage about the success of these entrepreneurs and not try to compound cab and Wi-Fi? Probably, these thoughts came to mind employees DoCoMo in Japan. They decided to equip cars taxi help wireless admittance points in a network the Internet. After all, people spend a lot of term standing in traffic jams. And not just in their cars, but also in the taxi. So why not engaging customers utilizing the universal appeal of the Internet. Just think how much more pleasant to afsluiting in a traffic jam, reading articles on your favorite marketplace or blog.

Taxis with karaoke

Not inferior to the ingenuity of the Chinese owners and taxis. No, they did not follow the copy, they offered their original decision. Chinese businessman named Clock Ksiaoming decided to combine a trip in a taxi by a favorite human entertainment – karaoke . Now, customers receptacle nay only reach the right time in the right place, but good fun on the road, checking their vocal.

Someone karaoke taxi idea may seem silly. But, as he admits TV Ksiaoming, behind installation in cars needed for singing equipment, his taxi was in luxurious necessitate from customers. Business took off.

Musical taxi

Indifferent to music besides restless Brits who come raise with a lot, and often original. This hitch they designed a musical taxi. No, they did not put the radio, which pleases passengers good music. For our list like that would be too corny. They went much further. The famous Japanese artist Yuri Suzuki (Yuri Suzuki) and the company created an unusual AiAiAi taxi which converts into a pleasant city noises revue melody.

To achieve the desired effect of ordinary English black cab equipped with microphones and speakers 67, which passes through the city itself noises and sounds. Voice traffic noise, wind, steps – all processed and transformed into a pleasant “ringtone city.” And an unusual musical taxi passengers can enjoy the composition that using undamaged headphones.

Unlimited taxi

Next brilliant idea occurred to Swiss. They decided to abandon charging trips and organized taxi unlimited badged Taxmobil. To become a client of the company, you need to purchase a monthly subscription. This can be done at special collection points or online payment company. Its toll of 48 euros. And it can be free to move within the city.

To stay in the black, the company goes to unknown tricks. For example, trying to combine the trip assorted passengers assuming their route takes you along the same path. Furthermore, Taxmobil not buy their own cars, and uses the services of free taxi drivers. Thus, they can save on car repair and maintenance, as well as in parking lots und so weiter garages.

Taxi for pets

And another refreshing service from taxis – taxi for pets . In the U.S. and Europe such services is no surprise. There zootaksi similar services are quite mutual and are in unfaltering demand among pet owners. But we have such a service is unmoving the exotic, which can singular be found in major cities such as Moscow.